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Funny Quotes & Humorous Quotations

Creative Wit: Funny Quotes & Humorous Quotations

10,000 funny quotes and humorous quotations to inspire your creative thinking and your creative funny bone!

The Creative topical index allows you to browse a thousand topics from "A" Ability and Abe Lincoln to "Z" Zippers and Zsa Zsa Gabor. Try the following topics for starters, and then browse creatively:

Search 10,000 funny quotes and humorous Quotations

Creative Wit provides thousands of humorous quotations to stimulate your creative thinking and your creative funny bone. Each set of five quotes is selected to illustrate FRANK's five components of creativity - Foraging, Reflecting, Adopting, Nurturing and Knuckling Down. Creative Wit encourages Creativity - the power to connect the seemingly unconnected!

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